ArtPrize seeks to dispose waste responsibly at all ArtPrize-sanctioned events and spaces. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with The City of Grand Rapids, Kent County, and WMEAC to pilot S.O.R.T. stations at ArtPrize Nine.


The three-stream S.O.R.T. stations were placed at key areas around the event district - at the ArtPrize HUB/HQ, Rosa Parks Circle and Calder Plaza - with friendly volunteers to assist visitors in keeping our city clean and green. Through this effort, ArtPrize was able to divert 26% of the total waste generated during our event, sparing 7.44 tons of recyclables and 3.62 tons of compostable material from incineration or landfilling.


In its fourth year, the ArtPrize Water Share program aimed to reduce the use of single use water bottles and to strengthen the basic principles of water conservation - informing and educating visitors about the importance of reduction in resource consumption. Through the sale of reusable water bottles and partnering with 42 downtown venues, ArtPrize was able to prevent the use of single use water bottles, reducing the amount of waste during the event. ArtPrize is grateful to Spectrum Health for their support of this Health & Wellness programming.


ArtPrize continued to promote alternative transportation to lower the carbon impact of the annual event and encourage healthy living. From bussing to biking to walking one of the Pantone Pathways, presented by X-Rite Pantone, event visitors were encouraged to find an environmentally-friendly transport option that worked best for them.