$500,000 IN PRIZES

Artists from around the world compete for a hefty purse of $500,000 in prize money. Winners are selected both by panels of contemporary art experts and — here’s the fun part — by regular Joes, voting with their smartphones or online.
— Lori Rackl, Chicago Tribune

1,453 artist entries sought to capture the imaginations of both the public and a jury of art experts.

Over 37,000 visitors cast 380,119 votes across two rounds of the Public Vote presented by Meijer, awarding Wounded Warrior Dogs by James Mellick -- a masterfully crafted series of wood carvings -- the $200,000 Public Vote Grand Prize.

The ArtPrize 2016 Grand Prize Jurors selected Stacey Kirby's interactive performance and installation The Bureau of Personal Belonging, awarding her the $200,000 Juried Grand Prize, presented by Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University.