The best surprise I personally experienced was the overwhelmingly positive reaction I got from visitors to our studio spaces. They would often make comments like, “This is such a good idea,” or “I need to tell ___ about this so they can bring their kids down.
— ArtPrize Volunteer

ArtPrize Labs piloted in 2015 to provide tools and programs so all-ages can explore, engage, and learn in meaningful ways during the event. Thanks to sponsors Amway, HermanMiller Cares, and Grand Valley State University over 10,000 visitors participated in ArtPrize Labs this year.

ArtPrize Labs partner programs included 4 different arts and cultural institutions, providing families with free art education activities during their visit. Along with partner programs, ArtPrize education staff and volunteers provided: studio events, drop-in studios, and online resources.

This free resource provided activities suggestions for families on ways to explore, create, imagine, and learn together at the ArtPrize event. 14,000 copies were printed including 2,000 in Spanish.