It’s not the money that best defines ArtPrize… It’s the experience: The street-fair vibe and infectious energy.
— Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press

19 days of evening programming at ArtPrize 2016

Critical Discourse

A six-day series of panel discussions and art critiques, including the televised "Why These Finalists?" series. Critical Discourse is informative and challenging, bringing art-world context to the ArtPrize event through charged conversation.

ArtPrize On Stage

For the second year in a row, ArtPrize On Stage brought the magic of live performance to the ArtPrize night scene—including music, theater, and comedy acts. ArtPrize celebrates artists working in all mediums, and music is no exception. With the help of organizer Quinn Matthews, WYCE Station Manager and host of GRLive, the Blue Bridge played host to all things music at ArtPrize 2016. Visitors enjoyed live music every day of the event on the Blue Bridge with the Blue Bridge Sessions -- 30-minute busking performances throughout the 19-day event -- as well as the Blue Bridge Music Festival. This two-day festival brought epic musical entertainment featuring ArtPrize musicians performing alongside well-known Michigan bands. Participating musicians included the Grand Rapids Symphony, Heaters, The Go Rounds, Flint Eastwood, Kari Lynch Band, and more.

ArtPrize On Screen

ArtPrize and Celebration! Cinema teamed up to bring ArtPrize On Screen -- presented by the Michigan Film and Digital Media Office -- to the 2016 event. Screenings of new independent cinema at the Ladies' Literary Club next door to the ArtPrize HUB/HQ, included Sundance favorites like BIRTH OF A NATION and THE FITS as well as the Grand Rapids premieres of homegrown productions like THE ALCHEMIST COOKBOOK and CAMP MANNA. From September 21-24, ArtPrize On Screen showcased five brilliant, feature-length films which challenged and entertained audiences -- each preceded by a Michigan-made short film curated by the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts' Open Projector Night Series.