ArtPrize has become an integral part of what makes Grand Rapids a great place to live, work and play. The event and all who participate in this community treasure contribute to our city’s cultural and economic vibrancy and sustainability.
— Mayor Rosalynn Bliss

Along with social equity and environmental sustainability, creating opportunities to promote health and wellness is something ArtPrize cares deeply about. In focusing on Health & Wellness, ArtPrize encouraged visitors to walk and bike around the district, stay hydrated, buy local and think mindfully about the works of art they saw and experienced.


The ArtPrize Venue and Visitor Sustainability Guide outlines the details of the ArtPrize philosophy, provides resources resources, and lists specific initiatives intended to fulfill its commitment to Social Equity, Environmental, and Economic impacts. The best practices, resources and stories shared in this guide are the work of experts in the community whose passion and practical applications in sustainability have helped ArtPrize to know where to begin.


ArtPrize is thrilled to have had the opportunity to partner with the Wege Foundation, The City of Grand Rapids, Kent County and WMEAC to pilot the S.O.R.T. stations at the eighth annual event -- to further the city's commitment to sustainability. The three-stream S.O.R.T. stations we placed at key areas around the event district -- at the ArtPrize HUB/HQ, Rosa Parks Circle and Calder Plaza -- with friendly volunteers to assist visitors in keeping our city clean and green. Through this effort, ArtPrize was able to divert nearly 25% of the waste generated during our event, sparing nearly seven tons of material from incineration or landfilling.


In its third year, the ArtPrize Water Share program aimed to reduce the use of single use water bottles and to strengthen the basic principles of water conservation -- informing and educating visitors about the importance of hydration and reductions in resource consumption. Through the sale of reusable water bottles and partnering with 25 downtown venues, ArtPrize was able to prevent the use 11,523 single use water bottles and diverted 8,901 from the landfill. ArtPrize is grateful to Spectrum Health for their support of this Health & Wellness programming.


ArtPrize continued to promote alternative transportation to lower the carbon impact of the annual event and encourage healthy living. From bussing to biking to walking one of the Pantone Pathways, presented by X-Rite Pantone, event visitors were encouraged to find an environmentally-friendly transport option that worked best for them. During ArtPrize 2016, nearly 10,000 visitors biked to ArtPrize and over 46,000 visitors used public transportation to get to and around ArtPrize -- with Metro Pass use up 84% over 2015.


While walking the Pantone Pathways and exploring off the beaten path at ArtPrize, visitors had the opportunity to join in the Art Meets Heart Steps Challenge -- presented by the American Heart Association -- to win heart healthy prizes for walking 10,000 or more steps at the event. 18% of ArtPrize visitors (4,961 individuals) used a pathway each day, walking an average of 2.2 miles during their visits to ArtPrize. At 2,112 steps per mile, those 4,961 visitors walked 4,688 steps per day for a collective total of 23,537,168 steps each and every day of the event. Over the course of 19 days, visitors walked more than 200,000 miles -- enough to circle the earth more than 50 times and nearly enough to reach the moon!