The targeted investments, impressive lineup of jurors and new curatorial initiatives are attracting higher-level artists and creating more trenchant thematic exhibitions that exist like self-contained planets within the ArtPrize universe.
— Mark Stryker, The Detroit Free Press


  • 100+ interviews with ArtPrize spokespeople.
  • 3 media moments (Pantone Pathways Opening, Education Days & PNC Bank Partnership, ArtPrize Opening Day Whistle)
  • Increased and deepened coverage from publications including the Detroit Free Press and Grand Rapids Business Journal. 15 Detroit Free Press features.
  • Weekly coverage by El Informador leading up to and throughout the event.
ArtPrize Seven is evolving and expanding, broadening its horizons with events and activities beyond the scope of the exhibition and $500,000 competition while deepening its investment in its future.
— Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk, MLive / The Grand Rapids Press