Universal Access

ArtPrize remains committed to implementing thoughtful and intentional ways of supporting all of our visitors. Rooted in a spirit of social inclusion and our belief that Grand Rapids can be a leader in Universal Access, we strive to offer supportive services to make ArtPrize enjoyable for everyone. We believe that the most captivating conversations happen when our audience reflects the true diversity of our community.

Rapid Rides to ArtPrize

The ArtPrize Rapid Rides to ArtPrize program, launched in 2014, offers free Event Guides, Maps and Metro Passes -- good for free transportation on The Rapid and DASH transit systems during the 19 days of ArtPrize -- for community members who would specifically benefit from this free resource due to income insecurity or language barriers. In 2016, ArtPrize expanded the Rapid Rides program to grant this resource to 10,000 individuals -- working closely with Grand Rapids Public Schools, Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative, Head Start for Kent County and many community organizations around Grand Rapids.

Access Art Programming

In 2016, ArtPrize Access Art programming included marking accessible venues on the event map and mobile app; curating the Access Art Pathway with the mobility of all visitors in mind; free wheelchair rental at two locations in the heart of the ArtPrize district; ASL interpretation at all ArtPrize official events; promotion of accessible transportation options for getting around the event; and the Disability Advocates of Kent County's Oasis Lounge at Fountain Street Church -- a quiet space for visitors to escape the crowds and find general accessibility information.

Multilingual Resources

ArtPrize continued its efforts to reach members in our community that speak a language other than English. 20,000 Spanish-language Event Guides were printed and distributed by ArtPrize media partner, El Informador. Bilingual educational resources and wayfinding signage helped families to explore the event. And SiTE:LAB / The Rumsey Street Project, an ArtPrize satellite venue, offered another access point to the event through bilingual volunteers and a free shuttle service.

Accessibility Guide

Available online and in all ArtPrize Neighborhood HUBs during the eighth annual event, the ArtPrize Accessibility Guide provided visitors with quick access to information about accessibility resources available to them throughout the 19-day event.